Our Services

Our services include the design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of complete building metal material, direct from the factory to customers.

Benefits of Our

Pre-Engineered Building Systems

Lower Energy Costs

A properly insulated metal building will dramatically reduce heating and cooling costs. Uniform and consistent structural framing enable a great deal of flexibility in the type of insulation used

Lower Maintenance Costs

The long life, factory applied finishes on BOLT’s metal buildings (sheds) reduces both short and long term maintenance costs.Insect damage, rot and structural deterioration are practically eliminated.

Attractive Appearance

Bolt Engineering Services prides itself in designing metal sheds that are both attractive and economical. With over 38 years of experience, Bolt’s metal shed specialists have a wealth of ideas and suggestions to insure you get a shed that meets your aesthetic needs at the best price.

Faster Construction

Compared to conventional buildings, metal buildings (Sheds) save between 30 and 50 percent construction time. Less hours and less labor costs equal substantial savings for you


Over time may come the need for future expansion, metal buildings are wonderfully unique in this area. You can ask your Bolt Engineering Services representative during the planning stage of your project about how we can make your future expansion economical and practical.

Lower Insurance Costs

Steel buildings are non-flammable which means a significant discount in insurance costs. Properly designed and constructed steel buildings are safer than conventional structures, with a proven track record of being extremely resistant to wind, rain, snow, seismic activity and fire.